My name is Keshun.

I like books!  I like tea. I like tying my hair back, putting on cozy pajamas and curling up in bed with a book, magazine, writing journal, or YOUTUBE video (Booktube) – basically anything associated with words.

I hyperventilate and succumb to taking sleeping pills the night before a library book sale. I like to visit libraries and book shops on vacation or when I travel to a new place.

I cried when I got my Nook for Christmas.

I ask my husband to read to my nephew as an excuse to have him read to me.

I have a Master’s Degree in Reading Education. I am a reading tutor; my job is my hobby!

I would like to rename my dog Shakespeare because I think it’s a cool literary name.

I think words are powerful and I use them intently.

What to expect:

  • Reviews – by reviews I mean personal reflections and experiences I have as I read the book.
  • Recommendations – even if I don’t personally enjoy the book, I will give reasons as to why. This might provide insight and help others who may enjoy these topics to give it a try.
  • Randoms – the occasional gush about life might appear. It’s the burden I am asking you to bear. But to make it easier to omit, if your interest is only books, I will categorize non-book related topics appropriately.
  • Any material remotely related to literacy.

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