Book You Should Read Before Thanksgiving – “Night” by Elie Wiesel



I have a feeling this book will be with me forever. Rather than divulge the synopsis of this book, I have decided to share my feelings about it.

I was quite reluctant to read this  book, having been forewarned about its subject matter; but, for some reason, I was drawn to it. After reading the first page, I couldn’t put it down. It was gripping, chilling and transforming. I felt like a ghost reliving horrid events of the doomed.

I read this 109 page book in two sittings because I wanted its content to soak in. I wanted to be affected, haunted and reminded. The words on the pages settled in my heart as if they were a vital part of me. I am forever changed because of it.

Upon completion, I decided that this was the perfect book to read preceding the Thanksgiving holiday. It was a reminder to be thankful, more loving, kind and expressive.

This Thanksgiving, I vow to give thanks to the people who stood for injustice, muttered kind words to those at their weakest, shared their faith and hope, and those brave enough to share their hardships in the form of the written word so that it might positively impact the world and encourage us when evil creeps into the heart of those in leadership, to stand up and say no — we remember.

5 Stars!


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  1. This has been on my wishlist for a long time. 🙂
    I knew it would be awesome,but feared it would be a little too autobiographical.
    Now with this post in mind, I think I will grab it as soon as possible.

  2. It had the same impact on me. I couldn’t even look at a picture of this author without getting teary-eyed. I’ve included it on my “best books ever” list. I have a feeling that my current read “Nigger: An Autobiography” by Dick Gregory will have a similar impact. Actually, it’s already having a similar impact.

    • Kudos to you for being able to read two extremely moving books in a year. After I read “Night” I felt like I needed to debrief and detox. It was such an emotional experience for me. I have never heard of the book you mentioned but after checking out the description, I decided I will definitely be giving it a read. Thank you so much for mentioning it.

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