Wreck This Journal


Wreck This Journal

Looking for creative ways to expend some stress? Do you like to destroy things? Have you ever been tempted to touch the paint beyond the “Wet Paint” sign? Well this journal is for you. Now wait a second, you read correctly, a journal but it is one unlike any you have ever seen.

This journal is called, “Wreck This Journal,” by Keri Smith. I got my copy for the affordable price of $12.00 at my local Target. Some of the prompts included are: Document your dinner (rub, smear, splatter your food on the page/use this page as a napkin, Fill this page with circles, and take a shower with this book).

This book was designed for the artistic and creative people in your life. I got it for my husband (who fits that description) as a welcome home present. He hasn’t been able to stick with journaling as much as he would like because he’s easily bored. Hopefully this book will be just the tool he needs to keep things interesting.

I will be documenting the transformation of the journal, so be sure to visit my blog to see pictures.


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