Reading on the Dark Side



Want something dark, suspenseful with a splash of grotesque to read? Well, I think I know just the book that properly fits the bill- Dark Places by Gillian Flynn.

Snarky and socially challenged Libby Day has been notorious for being the sole survivor of a gruesome mass murder allegedly committed by her oldest brother, Ben, when she was seven years old. Now in her mid-thirties and nearly destitute, Libby has no choice but to assist a club, whose members are obsessed with murders and murderers, in helping to review the case in exchange for money. She is forced to track down and scrutinize people and events that possibly contributed to the horrible yet faithful night her mother and two sisters were brutally killed.

What I liked about this book:

The characters  felt real. I felt connected to most of them and genuinely sympathetic towards the victims.

The characters are interwoven and relevant to the plot. There are no outliers or people appearing for no apparent reason. Everything is connected.

The ending was satisfying.

Other books written by this author: Sharp Objects (2006), Gone Girl (2012)


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