Friends of the Library Book Sale


friends of the library

I’m a Friends of the Library Book Sale fanatic! For those of you who don’t know, the Friends of the Library (FOTL) is a non-profit organization that supports local libraries by raising money to help fund community enrichment programs and library equipment. When you join, you are rewarded the opportunity to participate in the FOTL pre-sale where you are allowed first dibs on the books sold at the bi-annual book sales. Memberships may vary from state-to-state, but in my area a single status membership, good for one calendar year, costs $12.00. Books of all kinds are sold (Children’s $0.25, hard back $1.00-$2.00). Mostly all genres are represented–cooking, sports, medical, inspirational, literature, humor, finance, travel, reference, romance, fiction, politics and biography.

I’ve gone to three sales this year, each in different locations in my county. They have all generously aided my book buying habit. At my first sale, there was an eager line of patrons waiting outside the book room when I arrived. We discussed the genres that interested us most and talked about how much we loved books. Once we entered, I noticed that everything had been neatly categorized and labeled for our convenience. I was impressed. The volunteers were kind and very helpful. They offered bags and boxes to carry our books. They even offered to carry our purchases to our vehicles if we needed. I enjoyed the wonderful atmosphere. The combination of all three sales encouraged me to buy over 75 books, most of them children’s for my business. I was pleasantly overwhelmed by the sheer abundance of books and media in those medium-sized rooms. I wanted it all! I visited multiple days during each sale, which included a fill-a-bag-for-$2.00 day and FREE BOOKS DAY!

Although each sale was a little different in number of books, organization, book variety, and conditions, I enjoyed scouring the sea of books in search of gems.


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