My Favorite Reading Tools



Bookmark Pens:

My mother-in-law got me these pens for Christmas and although I’ve never used them, the idea of using them makes me happy. I like to jot down impressionable quotes as I am reading to refer to when I need something inspirational to include in a greeting card. So having a notebook and pen nearby can be quite handy. These slim, lightweight pens can also be used as colorful place holders for books.

(Place Purchased: Barnes and Noble)


Elastic Owl Bookmark:

I purchased this bookmark at a festival. There was a little girl standing next to a booth selling them. She claimed to have made them. At the time, I was only being nice and decided to buy one but it turned out to be my favorite bookmark ever. I wish I would have gotten two or three. I like that it’s elastic so if I drop my book, I never lose my place. It also stretches over most books so I tend to use it for all my books. I’ve had it nearly a year. it’s proven hard to lose. The yellow owl charm is also a nice touch since yellow is my favorite color and I think owls are cute!


Nook HD:

I am a fan of the physical book, but the convenience of my Nook along with the sentimental value it carries puts it on my list of favorites. I got it for Christmas from two of my awesome friends. I had been on the fence about buying it and had done so much research. At one point, I was totally consumed with information about e-books. I cried when I opened the box containing my new friend.

(Place purchased: Barnes and Noble / Cover was also purchased at Barnes and Noble)



I love to curl up on the couch and read. I usually use my Snuggie in the winter when it’s nice and chilly. If it’s not chilly enough, I turn on the air-conditioner. It’s so convenient because I can stick my arms through, turn the pages and keep warm. My mom bought it for me for Christmas and was so pleased with herself once she saw my elated reaction. Score!

(Place purchased: Wal-mart)


Polka Dot Cow Mug:

I love to drink tea. I also enjoy a cup of tea while reading. Recently, I’ve noticed a trend I have adopted – polka dots. I have 3 polka-dotted dresses (including my funeral dress, lol), a couple polka-dotted shirts, a pair of shoes with polka-dotted print on the inner lining. For some reason, I have been drawn to this pattern so it’s no surprise that this is my favorite tea mug. Plus, the cow is so cute.

(Place purchased: Ross)


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